Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 1

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GIS-based Mapping of Flashflood Susceptible Areas in Bukang Liwayway, Kibawe, Bukidnon

Authors: George R. Puno, Alex S. Olpenda, Rena Christina C. Puno, Rodriga G. Aguinsatan, Laarni F. Lacandula, Ida V. Maghuyop, Ricardo G. Villar

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 1, Page: 5, Category: Natural Sciences
DOI: https://doi.org/10.52751/bwyx7405

This study aimed to generate a GIS-based flashflood hazard susceptibility map using the geographical information system (GIS) and frequency ratio (FR) techniques in one of the geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDAs) of the country, which is the barangay Bukang… More
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Predicting Organizational Change in Health Institutions through Management Communication: A Multiple Regression Analysis

Authors: Ruffa Mae S. Olbes and Ronel G. Dagohoy

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 1, Page: 16, Category: Natural Sciences
DOI: https://doi.org/10.52751/vrcl4351

The successful application of change plays a significant role in communication as it is used to announce, explain, or prepare individuals for change. However, researchers, unfortunately, cannot find any research studies studying the impact of organizational change in health institutions… More
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Compliment and Compliment Response Strategies from Photo Comment Sections as used by Filipino Facebook Users

Authors: Kimberly M. Mejorada, Kimberly G. Opo and Dr. Mary Ann P. Malimas

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 1, Page: 25, Category: Social Sciences
DOI: https://doi.org/10.52751/vaoe2170

Compliments and compliment responses are prevalent in Social Networking Sites (SNS), like Facebook. This study was conducted to investigate the compliment and compliment response strategies produced by Facebook users in photo comment sections. This study used the qualitative and quantitative… More
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Reading Comprehension Component of Grades 7 and 8 English and Filipino Textbooks

Authors: Rowanne Marie Maxilom-Mangompit, Norly R. Plasencia, Maria Russel A. Pielago, Adela M. Romeo, Charlotte Ablen, Mary Catherine Ariosa, Jennifer Inez, Fely B. Latras, Roderick Villaflor

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 1, Page: 34, Category: Social Sciences
DOI: https://doi.org/10.52751/xzfg8868

This study aimed to analyze and evaluate the reading comprehension component in the selected Grades 7 and 8 English and Filipino textbooks used by the selected private schools in Cebu City. Content analysis and text analysis were used as research… More
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CTU Student Journalists’ Training Needs Report: Basis for the Formulation of Training Program

Authors: Rowanne Marie Maxilom-Mangompit

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 1, Page: 41, Category: Social Sciences
DOI: https://doi.org/10.52751/vmgk2304

This study assessed the training needs of the 25 selected student journalists who responded to the self-administered survey questionnaires using the purposive sampling technique. Editors-in-chief of the main and external campuses were also interviewed to validate the results of the… More
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Differentiated Instruction in Teaching English Literature: Enhanced Learning Packets

Authors: Richel D. Quisto

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 1, Page: 48, Category: Social Sciences
DOI: https://doi.org/10.52751/rcdp8785

This study evaluated the acceptability of Differentiated Instruction (DI) in teaching English literature to Grade 10 students in Soom Integrated School, Trinidad, Bohol during the School Year 2019-2020. It identified the academic performance of the respondents in specified learning competencies… More
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Work-Life Balance: Exploring Meanings and Opportunities Among Employees of Central Mindanao University

Authors: Athena Jan I. Derayunan, Hanna Leah E. Relacion, April Rose F. Buntod, Bryan Lee D. Celeste

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 1, Page: 57, Category: Social Sciences
DOI: https://doi.org/10.52751/kkyn5597

This paper describes the work-life balance among employees of Central Mindanao University. It focuses on the meanings and opportunities attached with work and life by discovering their day-to-day struggles, and experiences. Descriptive and exploratory research approaches were used wherein respondents… More
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Essential Macro-Minerals, Crude Protein and Total Antioxidant Activity of Powdered Ginger and Turmeric at Varied Drying Methods

Authors: Gina B. Barbosa, Cresilda V. Alinapon and Myrna G. Pabiona

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 1, Page: 64, Category: Natural Sciences
DOI: https://doi.org/10.52751/hzmg1570

Drying is widely usedd and one of the most effective methods for food preservation. This study reports the macro-mineral, crude protein, and antioxidant activity of locally produced powdered ginger and turmeric using the air-, oven- and sun drying methods. Kjeldahl… More
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Parents Roles and Capability as Tutors in Modular-distance Learning

Authors: Bernard Evangelicom V. Jamon, Mary Grace C. Jamon, Jonnabel O. Bendebel, Francis F. Tayong,

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 1, Page: 71, Category: Social Sciences
DOI: https://doi.org/10.52751/kkyn6246

Parents play crucial roles in their children’s education during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of the study was to ascertain the parents’ roles and capability as tutors in Modular-Distance Learning. This study utilized the descriptive-survey method with… More
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