Growth Response of Potted Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa L.) using Rabbit Manure + Trichoderma-Based Bio-Organic Fertilizer

Authors: Pamela S. Gabriel, Sunshine L. Cariaga, Ranuel G. Manares, Mark Christian R. Ragay, Ella Mae M. Segovia, Evelyn Q. Alera

Volume: 27 (2023) Issue 1, Page: , Category: Social Sciences
DOI: 10.52751/TQGI8688

The study investigated the growth response of looseleaf lettuce (Lactuca sativa Linn.) applied with bio-organic fertilizer (BOF) consisting of rabbit manure and Trichoderma spp. produced under aerobic conditions. Composting process was done within 60 days. Complete randomized design was used… More
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