The Impact of Reading Positive Psychology-Themed Storybooks on Society during COVID-19 Pandemic

Authors: Merissa Ocampo

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 2, Page: 102, Category: Social Sciences

This study aimed to gauge the impact and effectiveness of reading illustrated bilingual books on listeners’ English language learning, creativity, and happiness during the COVID-19 pandemic. A public bilingual storybook reading was carried out with the support of two volunteer… More
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The Law of Attraction: Positive Thinking and Level of Gratitude towards Happiness

Authors: Albert C. Albina

Volume: 22 (2018) Issue 1, Page: 15, Category: Social Sciences

Persons with positive thoughts and grateful minds create a happy disposition which further contributes to creating an emotionally and mentally healthy society. This study aims to establish the philosophy of the Law of Attraction which harnesses positive thinking and gratitude… More
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