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Managing Local Disasters Capacity Needs for Disaster Risk Reduction Management

Author(s): Angela Grace Toledo-Bruno, Eva N. Mendoza, Jedilyn M. Tandog

Published: 07 Aug 2018
Volume: 21 (2017) Issue 1, Page: , Category: Natural Sciences,


Disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) has become a national and global concern due to the impacts of climate change that increase exposure to disaster risks. The Philippines anchored its DRRM actions on RA 10121 enacted in 2010. This study looks into the capacities, needs, and constraints of local DRRM Councils (DRRMC) in Bukidnon, with priority to four municipalities, one city and eleven barangays with high vulnerability to climate change impacts. The data were then evaluated in terms of compliance with Hyogo and Sendai frameworks of action. Findings of this study revealed that DRRMCs have “moderate” to “high” need for institutional capacity for DRRM; “moderate” for IEC/ advocacy capacity and “moderate” to “low” for financial capacity. DRRMCs have effective and func- tional resources and programs for DRRM. However, barangay DRRMC has no or lacking emergency/ rescue equipment and facilities and less access to basic services. Compliance with Hyogo and Sendai frameworks are constrained due to budget, technical capacity, tasks of DRRMC members and political support. The findings of this study are crucial entry points and inputs to extension programs of agencies and scientific/technical communities needed to build resilience to disaster risks.

Keyword(s): DRRM capacity Hyogo Framework Philippine DRRM Act of 2010

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