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Community Participatory Action Research Approach as an Effective Tool Towards Adoption of Corn-Based Farming System Technologies by Libona, Bukidnon Farmers

Author(s): Lorena V. Duna

Published: 21 May 2019
Volume: 22 (2018) Issue 1, Page: 6, Category: Social Sciences,


Community Participatory Action Research (CPAR) approach was utilized as a tool to diffuse the developed CornBased Farming Systems (CBFS). Limitations commonly encountered by farmers thru Participatory Rural Appraisal are low farm productivity, profitability and non-application of appropriate farm technologies identified. Consultation and planning, strategies were developed for effective integration and intervention to solve identified problems by farmers. From monocropping farming, farmers learned to shift to diversified farming like crop relay and rotation, livestock integration, Integrated Nutrient Management (INM), a high yielding variety of seeds and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Through the application of these technology, farmers produced 40% increase on yield and 111% increase on the income of . Further, through crop relay, corn-cassava increased 245% ROI, and corn-peanut crop rotation increased 195% ROI. Since 100?rmer members and 85% non-members adopted CBFS, CPAR approach proved to be effective. The 100% repayment was an achievement, and the success was a product of strong support through input and technical assistance from DA and its collaborators. Thus, CPAR concepts demonstrated a significant impact on the social, economic, technological and environmental aspects of farming communities

Keyword(s): participatory community technologies adoption sustainability

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