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Bukidnon Secondary Physics Teachers’ Alternative Views and Associated Mental Models on Simple DC Circuits

Author(s): Teresita D. Taganahan

Published: 29 Aug 2019
Volume: 20 (2016) Issue 2, Page: , Category: Social Sciences,


The purpose of this study was to determine secondary physics teachers’ conceptions about Simple DC circuits. Data were obtained from responses in two sets of concept tests related to DC circuits and Determining and Interpreting Resistive Electric Circuits Concept Test (DIRECT) developed by Engelhardt and Beichner. The study involved 24 physics teachers teaching in private and public high schools in Bukidnon. Results have shown that teachers have misconceptions similar to those held by students. Moreover, the study was extended to determine the usefulness of workshop activities on the same subject matter in identifying and improving the alternative views and associated mental models that the teachers hold.

Keyword(s): DC Circuits alternative conceptions mental models

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