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Planting Densities and Nutrient Rates on te Growth and Fruit Set of ‘Solo‘ Papaya (Carica papaya L.)

Author(s): Vences C. Valleser

Published: 07 Oct 2019
Volume: 20 (2016) Special Issue, Page: , Category: Natural Sciences,


Optimizing plant density per area and fertilization application are basic ways to practice scientific agriculture. These are essential for cost-effective and profitable crop production. This study was conducted at Central Mindanao University to determine the effects of varying planting densities and nutrient rates on the growth and fruit set of ‘Solo’ papaya. Planting densities (plants per ha or pph) served as Factor A. Nutrient rates in reference to a recommended rate (RR) as Factor B. The experiment was arranged in a 3 x 3 factorial in RCBD with three replications. Plants in 3,333 pph with 50% nutrient RR were the tallest amongst treatment combinations at 8 MAT and 10 MAT. Those in 2,500 pph with 100% nutrient RR had widest stems at flowering stage. Plants in 3,333 pph formed longest flowers and fruits with 150% nutrient RR. Highest fruit count per plant was recorded in 2,000 pph at 8 MAT. As per hectare basis, highest planting density produced the most number of developed fruits (117,217) at 6 MAT. However, fruit count per hectare was comparable for all planting densities and nutrient rates at 8 MAT.

Keyword(s): Solo’ papaya planting density nutrient rate fruit set papaya Bukidnon

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