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Looking into the Concept of Self, Struggles, and Aspirations of Badjaus as Temporary Settlers in Bukidnon Province

Author(s): April Rose F. Buntod, Bryan Lee D. Celeste, Alisa M. Cabacungan, Rudjia Faith T. Anino

Published: 05 Jun 2020
Volume: 23 (2019) Issue 1, Page: 8, Category: Social Sciences,


This article focuses on one of the marginalized groups in the Philippines, the Badjaus, who are temporarily settling in Bukidnon. This looks into the nomadic behavioral patterns of the Badjaus and the factors that led them to this situation. To make sense of this query, we have discussed the “coming of Badjaus” in the mountain province of Bukidnon by exploring their sense of self, day-to-day struggles, aspirations, and the factors leading to their coming. Gathering of data was done by employing a descriptive-qualitative method with the aid of key-informants, in-depth interviews, and an obtrusive observation. The researchers interviewed ten respondents. Findings reveal that our Badjau respondents have been displaced and are forced to move out of the Zamboanga Peninsula due to conflicts between the military and terrorist groups. In the process of moving from places to places, they have encountered a more serious threat with their daily subsistence. Thus, affecting their total well-being and representation of the Badjaus in their day-to-day encounters. To survive, they find ways in search of basic necessities like food and shelter. Overall, the “coming of Badjaus” in Bukidnon is viewed as an act of coping, surviving, and escaping the harsh social realities they experience.

Keyword(s): aspirationsBukidnonnomadic life

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