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Cebuano Particles and their Functions in Selected Radio Segments

Author(s): Michaella C. Fronteras, Mary Ann P. Malimas, Charis C. Pielago

Published: 05 Jun 2020
Volume: 23 (2019) Issue 1, Page: 37, Category: Social Sciences,


This study analyzed the Cebuano-Bisaya particles and their corresponding functions, as well as their frequency of usage between two disk jockeys (DJs) and a random number of callers. The current research involved six (6) chosen 99.5 RT Ninduta Ah! Radio broadcasts, specifically from a segment called “Itanong Mo Portion.” The DJs and the callers served as the participants for this study. The recorded conversations from the said segment containing the use of the different types of Cebuano-Bisaya particles provided the study’s main source of data. Results unveiled that placeholder particles were the most evident among all the types of the Cebuano-Bisaya particles; “word search while holding a turn ranked first as the most common function of the Cebuano-Bisaya particles, followed by “emphasis,” “to assert information” as the third and “to convey an attitude” as the fourth. However, the use of “euphemism” and “reformulating clausal structure” provided no data in the study, and the post-nominal type of particles was the least used. Furthermore, between the DJs and the callers, it was found out that the DJs were the frequent users of the Cebuano-Bisaya discourse particles compared to the callers.

Keyword(s): Cebuano languagediscourse particlesradio segment

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