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The Bliss and Burdens of Grandparents in Child Caregiving: The Case in Bukidnon

Author(s): Raquelyn Jumawan-Dadang

Published: 05 Jun 2020
Volume: 23 (2019) Issue 1, Page: 43, Category: Social Sciences,


Grandparenting is a phenomenon in the Philippines. Grandparents attending to their grandchildren in schools and at home is a common scenario. They serve as caregivers or child-minders, extending financial, physical, moral, and spiritual support. Hence, the study was conducted to analyze the issues concerning grandparenting and care-giving. The study was conducted in Bukidnon. A survey was conducted to 120 respondents, and a Key Informant Interview was facilitated to the Senior Citizen Organization officers. Most grandparents are in an abject situation. They are poor whose health is fragile and delicate but are still compelled to work to support themselves and their grandchildren. The factors behind grand-parenting include financial instability of parents, broken relationships, financial dreams, personal choice, and compulsion. The role of caregivers over grandchildren is overwhelming, but most elderly perceive grand-parenting positively. For them, it is a part of life, a stage to welcome. Grandparents are happy because they are blessed with grandchildren, but they are financially hard-up, struggling to survive with their grandchildren. Though burdened, their perceptions on grand-parenting and the meanings they attach to it, give them the spirit to perform their tasks. Their situations and experiences put into context the principles of Activity Theory.

Keyword(s): grandparentschild-minderspovertyissues

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