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The Rise of Lake Apo into an Ecotourism Site: Conservation Initiatives and Issues on Community-based Water Governance

Author(s): Raquelyn Jumawan- Dadang, Lowell G. Aribal

Published: 16 Feb 2021
Volume: 24 (2020) Issue 2, Page: 15, Category: Social Sciences,


Lake Apo, an 18-hectare lake situated in Guinoyoran, Valencia City, Philippines is a tourist destination. It was once an ordinary pond, but with the initiatives of the community and some visionary private individuals, it has become a promising tourism site. Hence, the study was conducted to assess the initiatives of conservation undertaken by the stakeholders of Lake Apo, analyze the issues confronting the lake, and describe the tourists’ assessment on the lake. The study is descriptive employing quantitative and qualitative approaches. Survey, Focus Group Discussion, and Key Informant Interview were the tools used in data gathering. The residents claimed to be highly dependent on the lake. It gives them livelihood since it was opened to tourism, a source of leisure, and a source of protein. As a tourist spot, the lake receives positive assessment from tourists. Its beauty and serenity appear captivating. Tourism is the lake’s most viable utility. The stakeholders are desirous to transform the lake into a vibrant and sustainable ecotourism site. However, young as it is now, tourism in Lake Apo is hounded with controversy on conflicting claim of ownership, and issues on poor resource management, unregulated anthropogenic activities, and poor waste management.

Keyword(s): ecotourism assessment perceptions conflict

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