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Online Learning Preparedness and Preferences Among Central Mindanao University Veterinary Medicine Students

Author(s): Jose M. Obedencio Jr., Aldren D. Obatay, Ted Aries A. Daguro, Philip John S. Sajol, Melrose P. Condino

Published: 16 Feb 2021
Volume: 24 (2020) Issue 2, Page: 31, Category: Social Sciences,


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all sectors of the society, especially the education system, which now has to design a flexible learning environment. This study aimed to assess the level of preparedness towards online learning among veterinary medicine students at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Central Mindanao University, and to determine their online learning attitude, styles, and preferences through mixed methods approach. The study utilized a survey and interviews in data collection. The results show that a majority (62.13%) of the students were well-prepared for online learning. A majority (60.43%) of them had a neutral attitude towards online learning. The students mostly preferred visual learning (30.64%), with 40.0% leaning towards non-interactive teacher or learner-centered online instruction. A significant relationship between online learning experience with preparedness and attitude toward online learning was found. Veterinary students in the study are capable of conducting an online learning method, and most have the necessary technology access, internet, and software skills, and social support. However, they still have doubts about this method of learning. A longitudinal survey is suggested to be conducted in future studies to determine improvements in the students’ attitudes since online learning experience is significantly associated with it.

Keyword(s): COVID-19 E-learning Higher Education Philippines

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