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Non-destructive On-field Determination of Pineapple (Ananas Comosus L.) Maturity using Acoustic Impulse Impedance Technique

Author(s): Audry B. Llaban

Published: 18 Oct 2021
Volume: 25 (2021) Issue 1, Page: 19, Category: Natural Sciences,


This study analyzed the Hiligaynon speakers’ emotive language and communication devices in online conversation. Issues that went viral on the opening of online classes served as the interaction objects. The researcher used the qualitative research method, specifically, linguistic discourse analysis, to describe the online texts in various contexts. Result analysis revealed positive and negative emotive language to the viral posts on learning from home: sarcasm, disgust, optimism, and empathy. Sarcasm and disgust are common in attacks and humor, while optimism and empathy in hypocorisics/endearment and appeals as language devices. The study promotes optimism and empathy for it broadens the students’ attention and thinking towards new learning. These positive feelings give a favorable interest in response to online interaction or other communication situations. With the absence of negativity, positive emotions actively produce health and wellbeing as well. Sarcasm challenges creativity and motivation towards action.

Keyword(s): acoustic impulse impedance technique pineapple maturity non-destructive maturity determination

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