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Parents Roles and Capability as Tutors in Modular-distance Learning

Author(s): Bernard Evangelicom V. Jamon, Mary Grace C. Jamon, Jonnabel O. Bendebel, Francis F. Tayong,

Published: 27 Sep 2022
Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 1, Page: 71, Category: Social Sciences,


Parents play crucial roles in their children’s education during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of the study was to ascertain the parents’ roles and capability as tutors in Modular-Distance Learning. This study utilized the descriptive-survey method with 240 parent respondents using purposive sampling from two public schools in the Division of Talisay City, Cebu. In addition, the researcher also used a self-made instrument which was validated to attain the purpose of this study. The gathered data from the survey was then statistically analyzed and computed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The study revealed that the majority of the parents had reached the high school level. The data further uncovered that parents sometimes comply with their roles and agreed that they have at least the capabilities to serve as tutors in modular-distance learning. Meanwhile, there was no significant difference between the parent groups’ roles and capabilities as tutors. Finally, using the Pearson R correlation, the data suggest that there is no evidence that parents’ educational attainment could influence their capability as tutors. It is concluded that parents are doing their best to fulfill their roles and assist their children in these unprecedented times. Hence, educational institutions must orient parents on their significant roles in modular-distance learning modality and conduct further study on the influence of the new educational setting in the time of pandemic on parents’ relationship with their children, their struggles and challenges, and their views about the other existing learning modalities adopted by the public and private schools.

Keyword(s): Capability Modular-Distance Learning Parents Roles Tutor

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