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Bridging the Last Mile through Shared Mobility towards an Integrated Mobility System

Author(s): Ma. Bernadeth B. Lim, Hector R. Lim, Jr., Ann Wendy M. Rojas

Published: 19 Sep 2022
Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 2, Page: 19, Category: Natural Sciences,


As the population of urban centers grows, there is a significant challenge of adjusting the transportation needs of urban mobility, as well as pursuing environmental protection strategies and ensuring social inclusion. The major bottleneck of urban mobility includes the constant traffic congestion in major cities because of excessive use of private cars. Developing an accessible, attractive transportation system that caters to people's individual mobility needs and preferences is one possible solution to these problems. It is important to have a coordinated system connecting the various modes of transportation so that people's homes and destinations can be reached with ease. The first and last miles of commuters, which are the weakest linkages in the transportation network, should be developed first before the system can be integrated. Shared mobility which involves using a shared vehicle (car, bike, scooter, etc.) often serves as a first or last mile connection to other modes of transportation such as public transit. Understanding the factors that influence the adoption of shared mobility services is crucial to ensuring that they become a significant component of the urban mobility system. This paper provides an overview of existing and emerging last mile solutions, particularly in the concept of shared mobility. The objective of this study is to add and enrich knowledge in the area of shared mobility in bridging the last mile toward an integrated mobility system.

Keyword(s): Last Mile First Mile Shared Mobility Urban Mobility Transportation

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