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Work-Life Balance: Exploring Meanings and Opportunities Among Employees of Central Mindanao University

Author(s): Athena Jan I. Derayunan, Hanna Leah E. Relacion, April Rose F. Buntod, Bryan Lee D. Celeste

Published: 13 Oct 2022
Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 1, Page: 57, Category: Social Sciences,


This paper describes the work-life balance among employees of Central Mindanao University. It focuses on the meanings and opportunities attached with work and life by discovering their day-to-day struggles, and experiences. Descriptive and exploratory research approaches were used wherein respondents were conveniently sampled. Data were gathered through one-on-one in-depth interviews with 10 respondents following a set of inclusion criteria. The respondents represented 6 faculty members and 4 staff. Results of the study revealed that respondents go through work struggles due to unclear job duties and responsibilities; generally heavy work load; personal relationships and social activities were affected; feelings of helplessness to improve struggles. In spite of the difficulties encountered by the respondents, these have not affected them finding their work to be meaningful; enabling them economic stability and personal fulfillment.

Keyword(s): Work Life Balance

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