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Grade 9 Students’ Performance in English of the University of San Carlos-North Campus

Author(s): Ma. Ofelia V. Elas, Mary Ann P. Malimas

Published: 18 Aug 2023
Volume: 27 (2023) Issue 1, Page: , Category: Social Sciences,
DOI: 10.52751/VFOD5302


Many teachers have conveyed discontentment with the literacy achievement shown by many students. The English area teachers of the university decided to address this deficiency with the on-going implementation of the remedial program in the elementary. In senior high school and tertiary levels, the risks are high. Teachers then expect learners to use diverse texts in order to answer; to form an analysis, to make experiments and to do research. It is not shocking that there are multiple communicative shortcomings at the secondary and tertiary levels. Difficulties which were minor, controllable or partially disregarded now become major concerns. This study was conducted to find out the English performance of the Grade 9 students of the University of San Carlos North Campus in terms of the three components: written works, quarterly assessments, and performance tasks. It also sought to determine the factors that affect the English performance of students. As an output of this study, a curriculum map was designed for English classroom use. This study used qualitative and quantitative methods. The teacher-made test, as an instrument, was adapted from the study of Murcia, Belando, Silveira (2015) and Magno & Bunagan (2009). Fifty students and two teachers in Grade 9 answered the survey questionnaires. The results revealed that the English performance of the Grade 9 students was above average and the top factors that impacted their performance were teacher’s personality, teacher’s communication skill, assessment, and teaching strategies. Through analysis, students’ English performance was significantly influenced by how the teachers treat them and how they deliver the lessons. Teachers need to reflect on the factors which assist and deter the academic performance of the child. To better prepare classroom activities, a well-prepared curriculum map was found to enrich instruction delivery among teachers and augment learning potentials among students. Since this research has discovered the gaps on giving the assessments, and most influential factors that affect their academic English performance, this curriculum map was designed to address all these findings.

Keyword(s): English Factors Performance Tasks Quarterly Assessments Students’ Performance Written Works

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