Filipino Soldiers' Personal, Resilience, Loneliness, Stress, Sleep Quality, and Perceived Health

Authors: Joel A. Valencia, Charlie C. Falguera, Stewart A. Cerbo

Volume: 27 (2023) Issue 2, Page: , Category: Social Sciences
DOI: 10.52751/SABQ85112

The aim of this study was to determine the level of personal resilience and its relationship with loneliness, stress, sleep quality, and perceived health among Filipino military personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic. This cross-sectional study involved 259 Filipino soldiers selected… More
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Peri-pandemic Physical Activity in Southeast Asia: A Narrative Review

Authors: Joan Grace Empleo-Pacres

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 2, Page: 60, Category: Social Sciences

To stifle widespread transmission of the COVID-19 virus, Southeast Asian governments initiated lockdowns and quarantines that severely limited human mobility and people’s engagement in healthful and sufficient physical activity (PA). What was the state of PA in Southeast Asia during… More
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Students’ Level of Science Process Skills Acquisition and Academic Achievement during the Pandemic

Authors: John Mark R. Asio, DPA, Hans Christian U. Mondejar, MBA

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 2, Page: 77, Category: Social Sciences

In the middle of the pandemic, most schools adopted the blended learning modality. As a result, dealing with the "New Normal" presented difficulties for private schools. This study aims to analyze the level of acquisition in science process skills of… More
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Geo-Spatial Dynamics of COVID-19 Pandemic Onset in Davao City

Authors: Maynard U. Usares, Mabel I. Barroga, Jacky Jay C. Cadulong, Dinnes Karl N. Garcia, Melanie M. Garcia, Phoebe Nemenzo-Calica

Volume: 26 (2022) Issue 2, Page: 109, Category: Natural Sciences

Davao City, a major urban center in the Philippines with its various landforms and population distribution has been affected by COVID-19. This study aimed to identify and locate areas with COVID-19 cases in Davao City, create a location map of… More
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Online Learning Preparedness and Preferences Among Central Mindanao University Veterinary Medicine Students

Authors: Jose M. Obedencio Jr., Aldren D. Obatay, Ted Aries A. Daguro, Philip John S. Sajol, Melrose P. Condino

Volume: 24 (2020) Issue 2, Page: 31, Category: Social Sciences

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all sectors of the society, especially the education system, which now has to design a flexible learning environment. This study aimed to assess the level of preparedness towards online learning among veterinary medicine students at… More
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Challenges in Teaching During the Time of Pandemic

Authors: Vannie Joy T. Resabal

Volume: 24 (2020) Issue 1, Page: 6, Category: Social Sciences

The COVID-19 has spared no one. Both rich and poor countries have suffered badly from it. At the onset of the outbreak in the country, most of the cities and provinces declared ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) thereby restricting the operation… More
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Food security amid the COVID-19 pandemic: research and development priorities for Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines and Southeast Asia

Authors: Glenn B. Gregorio, Rico C. Ancog

Volume: 23 (2019) Issue 2, Page: 5, Category: Natural Sciences

Food security has long been a major development priority of all countries and will remain to be in the future. This has become all the more important in this time of COVID19 pandemic. It is achieved when there is the… More
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